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Research: Retailers miss the opportunities behind in-store WiFi

Research: Retailers miss the opportunities behind in-store WiFi
Wednesday March 26 2014

According to Eccomplished, whilst retailers increasingly offer free WiFi in their stores, they don’t often fully capitalise on the extra benefits and sales opportunities it provides.

The company’s research reveals that many physical stores do not leverage the space they have with the digital technologies available. “The app economy is continuing to expand with many stores now having an app, but few are leveraging this channel in their stores,” the analysts say.

According to them, 32% of customers describe their current digital in-store experience as “poor,” 22% find it “below average,” 24% assess it as “average,” and only 10% call it “above average.” For 12% of clients, their digital in-store experience is “excellent.”

These missed opportunities hinder the omni-channel interaction with the brand, even according to the customers themselves. “The store has no interactive digital technology to engage the customer. Neither encouraging them to follow the brand online,” said one of Eccomplished’s interviewees, who visited a Hollister store.

“Shoppers were reminded to download the app at the checkout via a small digital sign. However, no in-store WiFi meant that it couldn’t actually be done!” said another one.

Not surprisingly, the stores with the most mature use of digital media and the most advanced support for mobile devices include the technology retailers.

Fashion, homeware and toy retailers tend to have the least developed digital media platforms, with five or fewer having these services in-store. “Digital signage and support for mobile must be a priority, but few stores are paying enough attention to these channels.”