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John Lewis selects Virtualstock

John Lewis selects Virtualstock
Sunday March 19 2017

Omnichannel retailer John Lewis has chosen a software partner to develop its Supplier Direct Channel

The company will be using Virtualstock’s agile platform The Edge to connect suppliers with its systems and processes with the goal of rapidly expanding their supplier base and product range while also streamlining order management processes.
Edward Osborne, head of direct to customer operations at John Lewis, said: “The partnership is excited to be working with Virtualstock in building functionality to continue moving forward as Britain’s leading omnichannel retailer.”
Virtualstock already deploys digital solutions to leading retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s Argos, Maplin and Office Depot. 
Andrew Mills, CEO at Virtualstock, added: “We are delighted to have John Lewis, one of the most prestigious brands in retail, as a client. We look forward to helping John Lewis remain at the forefront of the market.”