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UK consumers the most savvy online shoppers

UK consumers the most savvy online shoppers
Monday May 22 2017

The British are the most avid online shoppers in Europe, with 41 per cent of consumers making online purchases every week, according to a new Mastercard report.

The Masterindex 2017 report, which included a survey of 43,000 consumers in 23 European markets, suggested that one in four Europeans with access to the internet purchased products or services online at least once a week in 2016.
While uptake of e-commerce is high across Europe, the research revealed interesting differences from country to country in terms of how often people shop online, what types of things they purchase, and their preferred payment methods.
UK internet users came out as the most regular users of e-commerce in Europe overall, with eight per cent of the UK population shopping online every day, and 41 per cent shopping online every week. This is the highest in Europe, followed by 32 per cent in Ireland. In contrast, Finns (17 per cent), Estonians (16 per cent) and Danes (16 per cent) are far less likely to buy something on the internet at least once a week.
Javier Perez, president of Mastercard Europe, said: “Our deep understanding of how people across Europe are embracing digital behaviours enables all of us at Mastercard to work with our partners across the region and build the products, solutions and technology that makes life that little bit more simple.”
Brits who shop online (33 per cent) are twice as likely to buy their groceries on the internet as their nearest continental neighbours in the Netherlands (16 per cent), France (15 per cent) and Belgium (13 per cent).
Attitudes also vary on preferred methods of buying online. In the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and Poland online banking is twice as popular as cards. But in countries UK and Ireland, cards remain the most popular payment methods by some distance.