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UK retail customer experience still failing to improve

UK retail customer experience still failing to improve
Monday May 22 2017

Despite 93 per cent of consumers revealing they are more likely to buy if they receive a positive customer experience, UK retailers are struggling to deliver adequate, consistent service new research suggests.

According to the Eptica study, UK retail customer experience is failing to improve with nearly 50 per cent of queries being left unanswered. The study also shows that consumers are more likely to get an accurate response on email than on Twitter, Facebook or the web.
Companies were unable to answer 46 per cent of customer queries received on email, the web, Twitter and Facebook, with only 7.5 per cent responding on all four channels - and a mere 2.5 per cent providing a consistent, accurate answer across all of them.
Olivier Njamfa, CEO and co-founder of Eptica, said: “Consumers today demand a high quality experience from retailers – whatever channel they use to make contact. They value having a real-time conversation, yet too many retailers are letting them down, settling for average service at best, rather than delivering an experience that will drive long term loyalty.
“Given that 93 per cent of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that offers them a positive experience, companies risk their customers deserting them, hitting their profits and long term viability.”
Consumer electronics retailers successfully answered most questions overall, with a 66 per cent success rate across the web, email and social media. They were followed by fashion (64 per cent), then food and wine (44 per cent) with entertainment bringing up the rear on 43 per cent.