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Ho! Ho! Ho! - Brits have already spent £2bn on Christmas 2017

Ho! Ho! Ho! - Brits have already spent £2bn on Christmas 2017
Sunday June 25 2017

Shoppers all over Britain have already spent £2bn on Christmas presents with over 15% of the population already having spent in excess of £200 ahead of December, according to new research.

The study, from Criteo, reveals that one in every five Brits has bought their first Christmas present already, the new research also shows that more than one in ten (12%) have already purchased all or most of their festive gifts before June.

The trends expose the always-shopping attitude of people today, particularly when it comes to Christmas.

The insights revealed today, include:
• One in five Brits have bought their first Christmas present by May
• 30% of Brits have already spent at least £100 on Christmas 2017
• Nearly half of 18-34 year olds are already thinking about Christmas presents, with around 47% buying their 1st Christmas present by May
• Remarkably, one in ten (9%) 18-24 year olds say that they have already purchased all of their Christmas presents
• The shopping’s not done yet! In fact, half of the UK population are already planning to browse for a good deal in during the Black Friday sales
• One in three (33%) of consumers that used a specific retailers’ site for peak season shopping say they still use the same apps

“We’re not even half way through the year but it’s clear that shoppers everywhere are already thinking about Christmas,” said Thomas Jeanjean, EVP, Global MidMarket Sales, Criteo. “With shopping easier today than ever before thanks to smartphones, tablets and ever-improving in-store experiences, people simply aren’t waiting to get a head start on their December spending! For retailers, this means early engagement with shoppers is essential if they’re going to satisfy those people looking to get ahead of the game come Christmas. More importantly however, by investing in Christmas now, brands everywhere will be going a long way towards establishing a loyal customer base ready for when the real spending kicks in towards the end of the year.”

Smart brands will be using this period as an opportunity to build meaningful relationships by introducing new offers, targeted marketing strategies and finding fresh ways to engage with customers.

The findings demonstrate the all-year-round power of Christmas and for retailers, shows the importance of early festive planning. Peak season represents a prime opportunity for retailers to create loyalty, a critical factor throughout the year and one which will pay dividends come November and December in particular.
Criteo’s findings show that, 32.5% of consumers return to the same app they used during last year’s seasonal shopping and a third of consumers purchasing travel in the Christmas season will return to the same retailer later in the year. This not only proves the power of the peak season, but also the power of an established meaningful relationship.