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Top 10 high street fashion retailers on Instagram

Top 10 high street fashion retailers on Instagram
Tuesday June 13 2017

Nike leads the way for UK high street fashion retailers on Instagram, with 72 million followers, over three times more than closest competitor H&M with 21 million, according to new research.

The research, from social media analytics firm Iconosquare reveals the top ten most popular high-street fashion brands on Instagram.
Key findings:
Nike has 72 million followers, over three times more than closest competitor H&M with 21 million
Social media analytics firm Iconosquare measured total followers and follower growth during April and May 2017
As we prep our summer wardrobe and get ready for the holiday season, many of the nation’s high street retailers have been investing their budgets in marketing on Instagram, but some significantly more than others, according to new data released today by Iconosquare.
Iconosquare measured the total follower count and follower growth for more than 60 brands during the period April and May 2017*, revealing that Nike is the nation’s most popular high-street brand on the photo-sharing platform. Nike boasts over 72 million followers on Instagram, over three times more than H&M, which came in a distant second. This makes Nike the fifteenth most popular Instagram account in the world, beating popular celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.
However, the fastest-growing brands on Instagram over the same period told a very different story. In the top ten Zara was the fastest-growing brand, managing an impressive 8.72% growth over the April-May period. Uniqlo (905,994 followers) managed the fastest growth overall during the period, with a growth rate of nearly 14%. BooHoo and Schuh saw 0.67% and 1.06% follower growth respectively, making them among the slowest-growing brands analysed.
Instagram is increasingly becoming an important marketing channel for retailers: the platform recently reached 700 million monthly active users, and its emphasis on visuals lends itself well to fashion brands. Instagram has been experimenting with shoppable posts recently, allowing brands to add product details and links to their photos.

Romain Ouzeau, CEO of Iconosquare, comments, “The boundaries between Instagram and brands’ shopping pages is becoming increasingly blurred. As the world’s most popular visual social network, a quality Instagram presence is more than a ‘nice to have’ for high street fashion brands, it’s essential to their success.”