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Click here Click here saw over a million searches since its launch on January 15th. saw over a million searches since its launch on January 15th.
Wednesday January 31 2018

The number of searches continues to grow on a daily basis creating £5.78m worth of finance proposals driven through dealers on the site.

Reflecting upon the launch, Phil Morgan Head of noted; “We are delighted with the impact achieved by in its first two weeks and the growing level of dealer involvement and support. There can be no question that the high impact marketing and its ‘engaging’ soundtrack, based upon Madness’ ‘Driving in my car’ hit have helped the brand break through, creating high levels of consumer awareness and recall.” 

Analysis of the data surrounding the first phase TV advert currently being aired by, reveals that in the first two weeks it was seen by around 25 million people. This figure excludes the wide number of people who have heard the radio advert or seen the high-profile external billboard and bus back marketing campaign.

Building awareness is seen by Phil Morgan as crucial, but he is quick to recognise that over time, action will be the most important metric. With still in its early days, he is delighted with the impact and how the new service is creating both car and finance sales and crucially helping to convert more consumers to the appeal of dealer finance;
 £5.78 million worth of finance proposals were created in the first two weeks of business, all through dealers
 58% of all car searches included a dealer finance search; around twice the estimated level of dealer finance engagement that is seen at the point of sale, again benefitting dealers
Using experience gained during his time at GoCompare and by assessing the approach of other ‘break-through’ brands, Phil Morgan concludes; “The campaign is not subtle; it is high-impact fun and based upon the evidence, it is working. is selling cars and finance for and with dealers!”