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Consumer Shopping Trends

 Consumer voice dissatisfaction over retail packaging

Consumer voice dissatisfaction over retail packaging

Wednesday October 30 2013

Smart packaging is set to become the next hot topic of debate within the home delivery supply chain as consumers are increasingly starting to question the environmental impact of excessive packaging on the parcels they receive, according to Gary Winter, Sales Director Hermes UK.

Are you Digitally Normal? : Study reveals what makes each country click

Friday October 11 2013

Singapore is the nation most motivated to go online by entertainment; The Portuguese the most motivated by information and the Chinese by self-expression and transaction, according to new research by global media agency network Mindshare.

A fifth of eTailers fail to engage mobile customers

A fifth of eTailers fail to engage mobile customers

Monday August 19 2013

Mastek research reveals top online retailers fall short on mobile services.

Biometric payment methods favourite among security-conscious shoppers

Biometric payment methods favourite among security-conscious shoppers

Monday August 19 2013

Paying for goods and services through fingerprint, palm and iris scanners is the most popular future technology choice for security-conscious shoppers, according to new research from WorldPay.

Nine in ten shoppers think the High Street will die without change

Monday August 19 2013

An overwhelming majority of UK consumers believe that the high street must make drastic changes in order to survive in the face of severe online competition.

Price the number one driver for cash-strapped shoppers

Tuesday July 23 2013

Study after study has shown that in these uncertain economic times, price sensitive shoppers are increasingly seeking out the best value deals.

New data sources to help retailers stock for “forgotten fifth” of shoppers

Tuesday July 23 2013

Emerging ‘big data’ to tell retailers what they COULD sell on- and off-line by stocking the right sizes, in the right places, at the right time

95% of consumers would shop elsewhere if they received inefficient service

Wednesday June 12 2013

Today’s shoppers expect a higher than ever level of support and expertise from High Street retailers, a new survey by Vista Retail Support has revealed.

Retailers enjoy another month of footfall growth in May

Tuesday June 4 2013

For the third consecutive month, retail footfall levels in the UK saw month-on-month growth, according to figures released today by Ipsos Retail Performance.

Latest shopper footfall figures reveal another weather affected month

Tuesday May 7 2013

Outlook appears more promising, especially when warmer weather finally arrives.

Online retail sales up 16% year-on-year in March

Thursday April 18 2013

Online shoppers were not put off from making purchase decisions by the freezing weather in March, as online retail sales rose 16% year-on-year.

One third of UK traffic now from smartphones or tablets

Wednesday February 20 2013

A new report from ComScore reveals that UK consumers spend more time online than any other European country, with one third of traffic now coming from smartphones or tablets